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Riverside Residence


Riverside Residence is located in downtown McHenry on the beautiful McHenry River Walk, just steps away from Green Street with its restaurants, bars, coffee shops. music theatre, retail and service boutiques. Riverside Residence is not isolated from the vibes of normal daily life as is, to the contrary, the case with so many other senior living communities.

Riverside Residence is an independent senior living community offering life and space to those who are looking for a “home” like “home”. At Riverside Residence you are free and can live your imaginations in an ambiance of creative happiness.

Riverside Residence offers an affordable home and a great lifestyle that includes well-equipped apartments, excellent food, security, and a surrounding friendship.

Explore all parts of this website to find your way into the wonderful world of Riverside Residence and you will discover the goodness and affordability you were looking for.


Riverside Residence is a stylish local property situated on 3.2 acres of land bordering the Fox River “side-arm” and the McHenry River Walk, immediately adjacent to Green Street, the quaint lifestyle center of McHenry.

The Riverside Residence property has been operated as an independent senior living community since 1985. As such Riverside Residence can be considered as vintage property, with its spaces and functions optimized over its nearly 40 years of existence. Today, in 2024, Riverside Residence stands amidst the top five independent senior living communities in the Midwest part of the country.

Riverside Residence offers comfortable apartments and common areas that include a spacious main lounge, restaurant, games room, library, coffee lounge, hair salon, exercise room, and a launderette with seating area.Riverside Residenceas its own well-maintained gardens bordering the McHenry River Walk with comfortable seating areas allowing our residents to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, walk to Green Street or have a stroll to Miller Point to visit the small-business boutiques or to enjoy there a weekend concert.